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'Lopez Tonight' goes out with celebrities, cursing, and that creepy little girl

After being canceled just two days ago by TBS (OK, not actually renewed for a third season) George Lopez's late-night talk show "Lopez Tonight" went out last night with a bang: Celebrities, cursing and that "creepy little white girl." What more could you ask for?

After running through a much-bleeped opening monologue, Lopez featured a collection of memorable moments from the last two years. His guests, including Eva Longoria, Arsenio Hall, Slash, and Lakers Ron Artest and Derek Fisher, packed the sofa, although Longoria and Fisher got up long enough to show off some salsa moves.

During the show Lopez chatted with Longoria, who brought out a glass of wine and spurred a joke from George ("Don’t spill wine on that couch. It’ll be in my house by Monday"); he then asked for a job on her soon-to-end show, "Desperate Housewives."

Lopez wrapped up his show with thanks, first panning over the audience to show it was "inclusive," and then gave props to one particular actress: "I wanna thank Sandra Bullock, who, 11 years ago, took a chance on me," he said. (Bullock executive produced and appeared in Lopez' 2002-07 sitcom, "George Lopez.") "Thank you."

Then the salsa party really began, as Lopez and friends danced and jammed to Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Night."

Adios, "Lopez Tonight." And vaya con dios, George Lopez. We know you'll be back.

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