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Looks like a boy for Britney Spears

The expectant singer went on an after-hours shopping spree at an exclusive Beverly Hills area baby store where she bought all baby boy clothes.
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Looks like Britney Spears is having a boy.

The expectant singer went on an after-hours shopping spree at an exclusive Beverly Hills area baby store where she bought all baby boy clothes.

“Her rep called the store, Petit Tresor, and had it closed down and Britney came in with her body guards and spent about $10,000,” says a source. “She has very good taste, actually: elegant and simple. I was surprised.”

Spears had been in the store several weeks ago where she loaded up on items for girls, but says the source, “That must have been a ruse or for someone else. This was definitely for her unborn child.”

A spokeswoman for the store said she could “neither confirm nor deny” the Spears’ shopping spree. But another source backs up the buzz that baby Federline will be a boy: “They’re mulling several names, but the one they favor is Preston.”

When Madonna callsWill Madonna plug phones?

Singer Little Richard recently told people at a concert in Spokane, Washington that he and the Material Girl were scheduled to shoot a commercial for Motorola.

The filming was supposedly scheduled for this Thursday in Los Angeles — and it’s not clear how Madonna’s riding accident yesterday would affect any deal she might have.

Her spokeswoman couldn’t be reached for comment, and Little Richard’s rep says she knows nothing of the story.

Notes from all overMaybe Jerry Springer should call his U.K. show “Lost in Translation.” Although folks on the British Isles supposedly speak the same language as Americans, the bawdy talk show host is apparently having trouble understanding some of the thicker U.K. accents. “He can’t understand what most of his guests are saying,” says a source. “They have all these really low class Brits with ‘chav’ accents and some of them are from Scotland and half the time he’s like ‘What?’ ‘What did you say?’ On [yesterday’s] show he said, ‘By next week, I’m going to learn to talk like a Scottish person,’ and the guests said, ‘We’re Glaswegian.’ And he was like, ‘Oh,’ and then said all of these unintelligible words making fun of the way they talked. It was kind of tense and weird.”  . . .Kelly Clarkson made some sleepy fashion statements in high school. One teacher remembers the "American Idol" star showing up for class wearing a flannel nightgown and slippers, according to J-14 magazine.  . . .  Sting says he needs all seven of those houses he owns. Otherwise, he’d have to carry luggage when he travels. “I do use all those houses, so it’s so important to have them.” he said, reports World Entertainment News Network. “”I spent a quarter of a century living out of a suitcase traveling through hotels on tour, but it’s far nicer if you can go back to your own home instead with a few books that are yours, some art on the walls you bought and sit on your own furniture.” 

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