Look Out! Prince Harry's Best Man Speech to "Embarrass" William, "Make Him Lose Some Hair"

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/ Source: E!online
By Gina Serpe

What with the Queen going to be in attendance and all--to say nothing of the royals, high society and untold number of dignitaries--you'd think Prince Harry would have to tone down his best man speech, right?


This is Harry we're talking about after all, not Prince William, and there's a reason why he's solidified his reputation as the wild (and frankly, slightly more fun) brother. And if they didn't already know that, Wills and Kate Middleton's wedding guests may find out why pretty soon.

Speaking to the BBC from the Arctic Circle, where Harry is currently on a Walking With the Wounded expedition, Harry shed new light on both the wedding prep and his duties within it.

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When asked what the world can expect from his best man speech, Wills' younger brother at first played it coy.

"You won't expect anything, because you'll never hear it," he laughed. "I think probably pretty standard, hopefully. Just the same as any other best man speech, bearing in mind the crowd that we'll be doing it with."

And no, that's not the royal "we" that he's invoking there. While it was just Harry that was announced as William's best man, today the Prince clarified that he is actually one of three such title-holders.

"But it's me and a couple of his friends, and between the three of us, we'll make sure that we dig him in the ribs a few times and embarrass him. And make him lose some hair."

Uh-oh. With all due respect to the royal coif, Wills doesn't exactly have a whole lot to spare up there as it is.

Still, while Harry didn't reveal the names of his two cohorts, one is likely to be Thomas van Straubenzee, one of William's oldest and closest childhood chums.

As for Harry's current expedition, he says that his brother didn't give him any grief about the timing of the trek being so close to the wedding day.

"We're both very, very busy. At the end of the day, the wedding's coming up, it'll be a mad rush like everything is, typically English, everything's last minute. I say that, hopefully the organization's happening..." he trailed off. "There will be decisions that won't be made until the last minute, I'm sure everybody understands."

"I'm looking forward to getting back, putting on a uniform and strolling down the aisle with him," he added, laughing and mumbling his way out of his somewhat awkward phrasing.

As for that much-anticipated aisle-stroll, Harry said that if his brother had it his way, it wouldn't come close to having the fuss surround it as it has already proven it will--hardly a surprising revelation given the boys' long-declared desire to be nothing but "normal."

"It is quite a big affair," Harry said. "I think if he had his way, he'd love to have a normal, a small wedding, with just his really close friends, but we are who we are, and the position comes with it, and the role comes with it."

And in the end, only one aspect of the big day matters, anyway.

"He's gonna walk down the aisle with his future wife, or his wife, and my sister, so it's fantastic."

That is, if William can get through it without falling over.

Not to be outdone, the elder brother and husband-to-be also spoke to the BBC Friday, on the occasion of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth's, visit to his RAF training grounds.

"I did a rehearsal the other day and my knees started tapping quite nervously, so it's a daunting prospect and very exciting but there's a lot of planning still to be done in the last four weeks," he said. Better get busy, then!

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