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Look out, Pattinson: ‘New Moon’ has new hunk

Robert Pattinson may have been the focus of "Twilight," but in "New Moon," Taylor Lautner gets his chance to romance Kristen Stewart.
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Move over, Robert Pattinson. A new supernatural heartthrob is set to hit the big screen. Pattinson, who starred as “Twilight’s” leading man, vampire Edward Cullen, skips town after just two scenes in the franchise’s sequel, “New Moon,” making way for Taylor Lautner’s werewolf, Jacob Black, to romance Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella.

“I wanted to get ‘Twilight’ over with, let Edward have his time with Bella and get moving with ‘New Moon,’” Lautner, 17, told Life & Style. “It’s about time Jacob got in there.”

The clean-cut Lautner added 30 pounds to his frame to help him unseat Pattinson and appear worthy of Bella’s affections.

“Taylor’s very serious about forming a connection with Kristen,” Rachelle Lefevre, who plays evil vamp Victoria, told Life & Style. “He’ll make sure his relationship with her is just as intense and has just as much chemistry as Rob’s. I think Rob should watch out!”

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson reuniteIn case you were worried after their November split, relax: Evan Rachel Wood, 21, and Marilyn Manson, 40, are back together.

“They didn’t stop talking — they just took a break,” a source told Us Weekly. “Now they’re back on.”

But Wood’s erratic older beau may not be a calming influence. On Oscar night, “The Wrestler” actress staged a tantrum at a bar inside the Kodak Theatre when Sean Penn beat out her co-star Mickey Rourke for best actor.

Us Weekly reported that Wood flicked her middle finger, stomped her foot and said, “I’m so f---king pissed!”

Angelica Huston raises awareness about chimps Travis the chimp appeared in several TV commercials, including one for Old Navy with Morgan Fairchild, before he turned on a family friend and was shot and killed in a bizarre series of events last week.

Now Anjelica Huston is speaking out against the use — and abuse — of chimpanzees in the entertainment industry.

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“Although I was sick when I heard about this most recent incident, I wasn’t surprised,” said the actress, who narrated PETA’s recent exposé on great apes forced into acting. “I sincerely hope that this tragedy will make people realize that great apes should never be kept as pets or exploited for films, television or advertising,” Huston said.

Celebrity sightings from Oscar weekendDemi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Morrison and Amaury Nolasco and pro skater Erik Ellington were all spotted at the Vanity Fair party at the Andaz Hotel Feb. 20. Earlier that day, “Slumdog Millionaire” actress Freida Pinto was overheard at The Four Seasons asking her assistant to have Dior watches sent. ... Alec Baldwin was spotted getting picked up at LAX Feb. 19 by one of the many "Bladed" Town Cars out and about in L.A.. The cars use a special filter to reduce CO2 emissions.

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