Look at how much fun 'Gilmore Girls' fans are having watching new episodes

/ Source: TODAY

The long-awaited day has finally arrived: "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" premiered on Netflix early Friday.

Fans of the beloved series have been eagerly anticipating its arrival for more than a year, and celebrated the four new episodes in fitting fashion. Here are some of the ways they've marked the joyous return to Stars Hollow.

Of course, there was Lorelai and Rory's beverage of choice, coffee.

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There were also plenty of Pop-Tarts (which Lorelai once said, "tasted like freedom").

Really, there were all the snacks.

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Many devotees sported their finest "Gilmore" gear.

Some even dressed up their little ones — like this mini Luke.

And this tiny "Gilmore" girl:

Pets even got in on the action.

One thing's for sure: Do not bother "Gilmore" fans today until they're done with the final episode!

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