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A look back at the loves of Angelina Jolie

‘He's made me a woman’ Jolie said of former husband Billy Bob Thornton
The World Premiere Of \"Bandits\"
395304 02: Actor Billy Bob Thornton and his wife actress Angelina Jolie arrive at the world premiere of \"Bandits\" October 4, 2001 in Westwood, CA. (Photo by Jason Kirk/Getty Images)Jason Kirk / Getty Images
/ Source: Access Hollywood

What used to be just two really pretty actors has become one all-encompassing word in international pop culture. Throw in three kids, and you have the perfect family.

What with the oh-so-private birth of Shiloh Nouvel in Namibia, “the Brangelina” quest for privacy has become even more mythic.

It wasn't always that way.

Access Hollywood takes a fond look back at the gorgeous Angelina before she became a first-name-only icon.

In 1999, Angelina told us: “It doesn't really matter what I am. It doesn't matter what my house looks like in InStyle magazine or what my clothes... It doesn't, I mean all that can be... I like to read those things and I'm interested, I just don't want my life to be that. I like to hide behind my characters, that's what's comfortable with me. You know, I'm very private.”

Except when it came to love.

Access wonders: what happened to the fresh-faced gal who wore a vial of husband Billy Bob Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck? Where is the chanteuse who proclaimed that her love for the “Bad Santa” star was “blessed”?

“We're never gonna separate,” Angelina told Access, during the junket for “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.” “So, it's our way of saying to each other, we just, we're together forever. We're so in love, we're best friends. So you know... and we signed, we kind of sign our life away to each other, legally, and with blood there's no possible way that anyone can separate or walk away from this. And we just did different things to confirm that. Not that we needed to. But we just wanted to.”

Did Billy make Angelina the woman she is today? The Angelina from “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” told Access that Billy Bob made her feel “warm, soft and open as a woman should be.”

“I'm so blessed to have him... It's a different kind of relationship than I've ever known, it's a different kind of love. And I feel like we found each other across the world. And we're mates that are gonna go through life doing things together, and laughing together, and learning together. He's made me a woman.”

All good things must come to an end, however, and Angelina and Billy divorced in 2003 after three years of marriage.

Access also wondered about Angelina's so-called “dark side,” most notably on display when she capped her Oscar win for supporting actress in “Girl, Interrupted” with an open-mouthed kiss on brother, James Haven.

“Right now, I'm in a transition where I think I was questioning...” Angelina explained during an interview for “Original Sin” in 2000.

After entering single life for the second time, (Angelina was also hitched to actor Jonny Lee Miller from 1996 to 1999), Jolie became a woman of the world, working tirelessly for the United Nations both before and after meeting Brad Pitt on the set of 2005's “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

The woman who told Access in 1998 that “falling in love is like war,” battled Brad on screen and then made a peace pact with him away from the set.

“I can be silly and awkward, and I'm just a mom most of the time, but when I'm with a lover, yeah, I think I'm quite confident,” Angelina told Access, while doing press for “Taking Lives.”

It looks like three might be the charm for Angelina. Both in love, and with children.