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Lohan's cell is next to celebrity burglar

Lindsay Lohan may be segregated from the general population in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., but her nearest jail neighbor is an old acquaintance... of sorts.

Access Hollywood has learned that Alexis Neiers, the very woman who pled no contest to burglarizing Orlando Bloom's home, is being housed in the cell next to the actress.

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Lohan is in cell #28, while Neiers is in #29.

According to E! News, Neiers is in Paris Hilton's old cell at the facility.

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Lohan is not expected to have contact with other inmates while she is in jail, but the cells are reportedly close enough that the two women could talk if they wanted to.

Neiers was connected to the group of several young people who were accused of burglarizing the homes of several celebs in 2009 including Bloom, Lohan, Hilton and Rachel Bilson.

In related news, Access Hollywood has learned that Lohan's physical contact with the outside world will be kept to a minimum while she is inside. Her visits with her attorney will be through glass, via a phone. Additionally, showers will be isolated and break time for activities will also be done without others around.

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