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Lohan will need change of scenery after rehab

At least one addiction expert thinks not much will change for the actress after rehab if she surrounds herself with the same influences when she gets back to her normal life.
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As Lindsay Lohan embarks on a 90-day stint in rehab, many are wondering if this stay in a treatment facility is going to be different than previous ones. According to one addiction expert, it might not be, so long as she’s still surrounded by the same influences when she gets back to her normal life.

“This time around may not necessarily be different from her past stints in rehab because once Lindsay goes back to reality and her natural surroundings where people accept her disregard to rules, safety and her well being she’ll revert to the same unhealthy behavior,” said Clare W. Kavin, who has worked as an addiction specialist for celebrities and civilians alike. “Her parents need plenty of behavioral work. If she goes back to the same surroundings and associates herself with the same people who cater to her every want, she can easily carry on the same conduct that placed her in jail in the first place.”

Lohan’s jail sentence was reduced to just 13 days — is it possible she won’t spend the full 90 days in rehab? Technically, it is possible.

“As with jail, there is a chance that she may get out early if the judge grants her special favors,” said Kavin, who is the administrative director of The Waismann Method of rehabilitation. “Hopefully this will not be the case, as the treatment process should be taken gradually and with much care ... she will need to spend as much time as she can in treatment without any interruption from the outside world.”

Time to promote final season of ‘The Oprah Show’
Oprah Winfrey last year announced that this season of her syndicated talk show would be the last. The promo for the season, which premieres this September, is now on the Oprah website. According to reps for the show, you can expect approximately 130 new episodes before Winfrey signs off. Don’t forget though, she’s not off the air forever when “The Oprah Winfrey Show” stops production after 25 seasons; Winfrey’s new network OWN launches on Jan. 1, and Winfrey will have a show there, too.

Housewife’s ring really was ‘fugazi’When the 10th anniversary of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple Teresa and Joe Guidice rolled around, Joe was seen on the show, joking about giving his wife with a ring that was “fugazi” (Italian slang for fake). As it turns out, the yellow diamond ring he ended up giving Teresa to celebrate their decade together was a fake. “It’s not real,” Teresa said on “The View” on Monday. “I love costume jewelry.”

The Guidices filed for bankruptcy last fall, and Teresa said on “The View” that initially Joe kept their dire financial situation from her, but regardless, she wasn’t living beyond her means, and now she’s watching her finances by not using credit cards. “I am not jet-setting. I don’t have gold toilets,” she said. “I watch my money.

Nathan Lane to ‘Modern Family’The second season premiere of “Modern Family” isn’t until Sept. 22, but some news about the new season is leaking out. At the Television Critics Association gathering, Deadline Hollywood’s Nellie Andreeva reports that Nathan Lane has been tapped to guest star this fall. According to Deadline, Lane will play Cameron and Mitchell’s “mentioned-but-never-seen flamboyant friend Pepper.” Reps for Lane didn’t comment.

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