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Lohan ‘wants to be healthy from the inside out’

The actress stopped by the Muscle Milk Light Fitness retreat in Beverly Hills on June 11 and was overheard telling people that she really “wants to be healthy from the inside out.”
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If Lindsay Lohan keeps to her current routine, she has the potential to really clean up her act.

Lohan stopped by the Muscle Milk Light Fitness retreat in Beverly Hills on June 11 and was overheard telling people that she’s working out four days a week and really “wants to be healthy from the inside out,” according to a source at the retreat. “She was telling people she really wanted to change things,” said the source.

One sign that Lohan wants to change not just her habits but her image too, is that she seems to be swearing off ankle-baring clothing until her court-mandated SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet comes off.

“She picked up Under Armour shorts when she was (at the retreat), and said that she was going to be excited to wear them ... when she got her bracelet off,” said the source.

Ex-‘Idol’ boss says 3 judges is enough Former “American Idol” producer and current “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Nigel Lythgoe has some pretty strong opinions about “Idol.” Namely, he thinks that three judges is enough, and that the current production team lost its focus.

“It’s never been my opinion that four judges work on that program because it should be about the talent,” Lythgoe told Canadian press. “The team took their eye off the ball a little bit and was more worried about the judges and what was happening with them than it was regarding the talent last year. It became about Kara (DioGuardi) joining and making the fourth judge, Paula (Abdul) leaving, Ellen (DeGeneres) joining and Simon leaving and much more about them and concentrating on that than on the talent that they were finding.”

‘The Hangover’ a winner On Demand The list of 20 most viewed On Demand films is out, and it contains a few head scratchers.

“The Hangover” nabbed the top spot and “Twilight” was No. 2 — both understandable — but from there, things take a turn toward the critically panned and mildly popular.

“Bride Wars” and “Fools Gold” both made the list, and apparently, Katherine Heigl does well in this format. Two of her films nabbed spots: “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses” came in No. 8 and No. 20 on the list, which was published in Variety.

Read this, watch that If there’s just one night you watch television this week, make it Wednesday. “Top Chef: D.C.” premieres on Bravo; Betty White’s comeback continues when her new series, “Hot in Cleveland” makes its debut on TV Land (it’s also the network’s very first scripted comedy); and Planet Green premieres the docu-series “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” about Josh and Brent, a couple that decides to ditch New York City and buy a farm.

As for what to read, contributor Andy Dehnart wrote a great piece for the Daily Beast about what reality-show winners really win. Hint: In most cases, it’s not even close to what they’re promised. Read it here.

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