Lohan says Duff rebuffed her peace attempt

/ Source: msnbc.com
By By Jeannette Walls

Lindsay Lohan claims that she tried to end the infamous feud between her and Hilary Duff, but, she says, she got hung up on when she called.

“I called her last week, and I was like, ‘Do you wanna hang out?’ And her sister hung up the phone on me!” Lohan told the magazine Australian. “I don’t like having enemies  ...  and there’s the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

The feud supposedly started when Lohan learns that Duff is dating her ex-sweetie, singer Aaron Carter. “It was like, literally, four years ago when that happened, we were 14, 15, we liked a boy, it was like a crush," Lohan says. "Eurgh, it was so stupid! And I was like, ‘We have a lot of similar friends in LA, let’s just be cool, so if we see each other everything’s fine.’ I don’t wanna have fights with people.”

Helping hurricane victimsLook for stars to come to the aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Music industry types have been contacting one another about putting on a “mega-concert” to help out people affected by the devastating storm, insiders are telling The Scoop. “They’re hoping to do it in conjunction with the American Red Cross and perhaps have non-singing [celebrities] involved, too, sort of like that televised 9/11 fundraiser,” says a source.

A rep for Willie Nelson, one of the stars said to be involved, says she knows nothing of the event but adds, “Willie does a ton of benefit concerts. I never know what they are. Half the time he does a concert, it’s for a benefit.”

A Red Cross spokeswoman told The Scoop that “some [benefit concerts] have been discussed, but we’re not ready to announce anything at this time.”

Notes from all overDon’t look for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to declare their love atop the Eiffel Tower like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The “Desperate Housewives” star — who has been known to discuss vibrators and her Brazilian bikini wax — thinks Cruise’s romantic gesture was “cheesy.”  “That sort of thing is not Tony at all,” she told In Touch Weekly. The two have, however, discussed getting hitched. “He’s The One,” she said. “We’ve even talked about kids. He’d be a great dad.” . . . Orlando Bloom has been nicknamed “Lord of the Flings” after he was spotted dancing with Kirsten Dunst, the third blond babe he’s been seen with in recent weeks.  . . . Tommy Lee’s numerous tattoos may be the result of having a mother who couldn’t speak English. His father, an American soldier, met his mother was a Greek beauty queen overseas. His mother never mastered her hubby’s language, Lee said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and the two communicated via pictures: “Once [a dream analyst Lee visited] heard how my parents communicated through drawings he said that this [tattooing] was a big form of communication for me.”

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