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Lohan’s quest for vodka? Not true, says rep

A recent magazine report claims that  Lohan went to L.A.’s Viceroy hotel with pals and after sipping water for a time, asked the waiter for vodka. “This is not true at all,” says Lohan's rep.

Have you ever heard a story about Lindsay Lohan that begins with her walking into a bar ... and ends with her leaving completely sober? Read on, I’m about to tell you one.

A recent magazine report claims that on Oct. 19, Lohan, fresh from a several-month stay at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, went to L.A.’s Viceroy hotel with pals and after sipping water for a time and asked the waiter for vodka. According to the report, she was refused.

“This is not true at all,” Lohan’s rep tells me. Friends of Lohan also say that she is really working to turn her life around. “She’s a good, good kid, and a great actress,” one director told me recently. “She needed this time to get things together.”

This sentiment is a common among Hollywood insiders. “No one believes these rags,” says a source close to Lohan in reference to the recent report. “She’s doing great. People are mean spirited.”

No nose for Broadway?
Jennifer Garner appears in the Broadway production of “Cyrano,” which officially opens Nov. 1, and according to some who saw preview performances, Garner will likely be sticking to her day job. “There were some empty seats after the intermission. I started having flashbacks to Julia Roberts’ run in ‘Three Days of Rain,’” says one member of the audience, referring to Roberts’ disastrous 2006 Broadway debut.

To be fair, this account comes from a preview performance. Garner plays Roxane, the love interest of the large-nosed Cyrano de Bergerac, played by Kevin Kline. “Cyrano” will run for 10 weeks.

Going mad for ‘Mad Men’
If the buzz in New York City is true, the surprise AMC hit “Mad Men” has advertising guru Donny Deutsch feeling left out. According to some rumors, Deutsch has even gone so far as to call the folks behind the show pleading to be included in its second season.

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“Donny was asked to attend the show’s premiere party at Michael’s along with many other heavy-hitters. He was a no-show and didn’t want to cooperate with the show in any way,” a source close to the “Mad Men” production says, “and now he wants an actual role next season.”

The Deutsch camp denies the story, however. “Donnie has never even seen the show,” says a rep.

And in case you missed it ...
A judge has sentenced “Prison Break” star Lane Garrison to a total of 40 months in California state prison for the drunk driving crash that caused the death of 17-year-old Vahagn Setian.

Brad Pitt is not offering to help Barack Obama drum up votes, People magazine reports. “Not only is the rumor not true, Brad has never even talked to the Obama campaign,” Trevor Neilson, Pitt’s political adviser, tells People magazine. “Like many Americans, Brad is learning more about the candidates and will make a decision about who to support in the coming months.” Since Neilson is also Angelina Jolie’s philanthropic advisor, I suppose she’s not rushing to join in on the campaign fun, either.

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