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Lohan’s hissyfit just didn’t fly

Lindsay Lohan was at the center of some transatlantic havoc.
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Lindsay Lohan was at the center of some transatlantic havoc.

Irate passengers were blaming the Hollywood headline-maker du jour for delaying a New York to Los Angeles flight on Sunday — but her rep says she was the victim of some scheduling mischief.

“She couldn’t get on the plane,” claims one traveler at New York’s JFK aiport. “She was throwing a hissyfit and there was total chaos.”

But according to Lohan’s rep, someone has been meddling with Lohan’s itinerary. “Lindsay was traveling with two friends and when they arrived at the airport they found that all their flights had been mysteriously cancelled,” says the rep.

She acknowledges that there may have been some havoc at the airport, but adds, “It wasn’t Lindsay’s fault. She and her friends ended up taking other flights.”

Now that’s research

Tom Cruise arrives for \"A Conversation with Tom Cruise,\" during which the actor discussed his career and took questions from an audience at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, Monday, Oct. 25, 2004. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)Chris Pizzello / AP

A reporter took courses in Scientology to profile Tom Cruise.

Before interviewing Cruise for the December issue of GQ, writer Lucy Kaylin attended long Scientology tutorials on three different occasions with Cruise’s sister/publicist, Lee Anne Devette, who like Cruise is a devotee of the controversial religion.

A spokeswoman for the mag tells The Scoop the tutorials were part of Kaylin’s research — not something requested by the actor.

In the article, Cruise praises Scientology, claiming it helped cure his dyslexia — and spouts some Scientology beliefs, such as bashing psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, which he says have created “a catastrophe of epic proportions.”

Cruise is self-effacing, however, about his fame. When asked what he thinks of his stardom, he replies, “Are you kidding me? We laugh hysterically. My mom, my sisters — we piss ourselves with laughter.  You know, even now, sometimes we go from country to country, and I’ll be there with Lee Anne, and I’m getting on my airplane.  And it’s just that look of ‘Can you [bleeping] believe this?”

Notes from all over

Dan Aykroyd Booksigning At Barnes And Noble
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 4: Actor Dan Aykroyd poses for photos during an in-store appearance to promote his new book\"Elwood's Blues\" at Barnes and Noble November 4, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Dan AykroydScott Gries / Getty Images North America

Dan Aykroyd, out promoting his new flick “Christmas with the Kranks,” is also promoting his belief in UFOs. “I have some footage that will blow your mind,” the former Conehead told “Live with Regis & Kelly” — and he wasn’t laughing.  . . . God isn’t macho, according to one Kabbalah honcho. Karen Berg, the wife of Madonna’s rabbi, Philip Berg, and the mother of “Becoming Like God” author Michael Berg, has written a forthcoming book, “God Wears Lipstick.” “Karen Berg is the driving force behind the Kabbalah movement in this country,” says one insider.  . . . Asked why Hollywood casts heterosexual actors in gay or bisexual roles — such as Colin Farrell in “Alexander” and Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the up-coming “Broke Back Mountain” — openly gay actor Rupert Everett told the Herald Sun of Melbourne: “Because Hollywood’s a trophy business and it’s not a trophy thing to be gay, basically.”

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