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Lohan makes frequent trips out of rehab

Earlier this year Lindsay Lohan made headlines for regularly leaving her Wonderland rehab program for a variety of personal outings and now it appears the star is doing it again at her new treatment locale.

Lohan,who was arrested Memorial Day Weekend on suspicion of DUI, checked into the Malibu based rehab facility Promises on Monday. With just five days of treatment under her belt, Lohan has already left the facility at least three times.

Yesterday at 4PM, Lindsay left Promises, traveling to a nearby gym where she is believed to have engaged in a workout.

“Yes, Lindsay went to the gym,” a spokesperson for the rehab center confirmed to Access.

Later that evening, the star made a second trip from the treatment center. At 8PM Thursday, Lindsay left Promises and traveled into the center of L.A. to an undisclosed property near Bundy Drive and San Vicente, where she attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. She was accompanied by a counselor.

Today, Access Hollywood has learned Lindsay ventured out again. She hit a Malibu gym shortly before noon, Friday.

Lohan’s rehab sincerity was questioned earlier this year when she left Wonderland facility repeatedly. At the time, Wonderland Center’s Dr. Howard C. Samuels explained to Access Hollywood that Lindsay’s trips away were part of her treatment.

"Wonderland is a structured 12-step base treatment center. We treat individuals' emotional, physical and spiritual elements as they pertain to the disease of addiction and alcoholism,” he said.

“Our philosophy is a policy of integration into life - not isolation. We do not isolate the individual; we integrate recovery into the individual’s life. That is what we believe in,” he added.

“We keep our policies private,” the Promises spokesperson told Access Hollywood.