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Lohan fumes that Holmes took Glamour cover

According to a source, Lindsay Lohan thought she, not Katie Holmes, would grace the April magazine cover, and now she's angry at the actress.
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Lindsay Lohan is feuding with an unlikely person — Katie Holmes.

According to a source close to Lohan, the leggings entrepreneur/actress was expected to appear on the cover of the April edition of Glamour magazine, but instead the coveted cover went to Holmes.

“(Lohan) did this big Madonna-themed photo shoot and she was totally under the impression it would be the cover,” says the source. “Her Marilyn Monroe shoot for New York Magazine seemed to make her relevant when she did it, she thought the same would happen this time. Only she wasn’t on the cover, Katie was, and she’s mad at her now.”

Another insider says that the cover was never part of the plan. “If that was Lindsay’s impression, it was a mistake. She was always going to be inside the magazine.”

Prepping for the 'Desperate' smoochA few weeks back, we reported that Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria’s characters share a smooch during an upcoming episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

Now, Hatcher and Longoria are dishing out some details.

“The whole shoot took a millisecond,” Hatcher told TV Guide magazine. “Here’s the thing about being kissed by Eva Longoria: if you ever had a question about why she’s so fabulous and has such a fabulous life, you don’t have to question it anymore.”

Longoria’s take was much more irreverent take. “Teri’s a big ho in this episode … shooting it was … um … interesting.”

Jason Segel’s funny bits
Jason Segel’s uncomfortably long nude scene in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” may have been a good career move, but it’s not doing wonders for his love life.

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“I was sitting at a bar, and a really hot girl walked up and whispered real close to my ear, all sexy-like, ‘I saw the movie — you have a great (word we won’t say in this column),’” Segel told Rolling Stone. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, wow. Really?’ She said, ‘No.’ Then she went back to her table and all of her equally hot friends laughed.

Segel has suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and night terrors that still awaken his bedmates on occasion, but his tenuous grasp on reality works with his Apatowian brand of comedy.

He wrote “Sarah Marshall” after longtime friend Judd Apatow, whom he met at an audition for "Freaks and Geeks" at the age of 18, told him, “You’re a weird guy. You’re only going to make it if you write your own material.”

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