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Lohan claims ex-girlfriend Ronson abused her

Just days after a report alleged the twosome had a public falling out that ended with Lohan throwing a drink in the DJ’s face, Radar Online revealed that it’s the actress who claims to have been abused throughout the relationship.

The romance may be over, but the on-again, off-again relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson lingers on, and that fact has friends of the film-star-turned-fashion-designer concerned.

Just days after a report alleged the twosome had a public falling out that ended with Lohan throwing a drink in the DJ’s face, Radar Online revealed that it’s the actress who claims to have been abused throughout the relationship.

“One time I saw (Lindsay) and she had a large welt on her head,” an insider recalled. “She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her. She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.”

According to the source, despite Lohan and Ronson’s supposed separation, the volatile pair still sees plenty of each other. Not that LiLo has much choice, as Ronson is said to frequently let herself into her ex-girlfriend’s apartment with her very own key.

“It’s so twisted,” the insider said. “They’re not together, but they are. I never thought I’d ever say this, but I really do feel sorry for Lindsay. She is just lost. She’s alone. She has no friends to turn to.”

Experts claim Dr. Oz ‘does more harm than good’ Talk show host and former Oprah Winfrey sofa-sitter Dr. Mehmet Oz stands accused of quackery by his outspoken peers. The cardiothoracic surgeon kicked off the new year by encouraging viewers to “cure what ails” them by giving alternative treatments such as “energy medicine” a try, but some doctors believe Oz has gone too far.

“One part of Dr. Oz is highly rational and scientific, but I think he's also loaded with near-delusional ideas and gives some very bad advice,” Dr. Stephen Barrett, the vice president of the National Council Against Health Fraud, told the National Enquirer. “The bottom line for me is that he does more harm than good for American health."

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It’s an opinion echoed by several other experts who spoke to the Enquirer, particularly in regard to Dr. Oz’s promotion of Reiki, the hand-delivered energy technique his wife, Lisa, practices.

“Dr. Oz promotes unproven approaches such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, and to support them he cherry-picks studies that are positive and ignores the negative ones,” cardiologist Dr. Mary Ann Malloy explained to the magazine.

While surgeon David Gorski agreed with Malloy, stating that the “so-called energy medicine is pure quackery,” at least one professional was willing to go on record to defend Dr. Oz’s decision to integrate traditional and alternative medicine.

“I like what Dr. Oz is doing and I agree with it,” Dr. Ernie Bodai said. “If a patient wants these kinds of complementary treatments, I think a doctor is right to utilize them — as long as they are used as an addition to standard medical treatments rather than a replacement.”

Dish on the fly The ink is barely dry on those “Jersey Shore” season-two contracts, but MTV executives already have concerns about their investment. It seems despite newly negotiated pay increases for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and the gang, the reality TV stars just can’t get enough of the easy money they earn from personal appearances on the side. That, according to the New York Post’s Page Six, poses a problem for network chiefs who fear the constant club openings and paid bar parties could “trash” the brand. “MTV has told the ‘Jersey Shore’ crew they can only do two personal appearances a week, and that all of their gigs have to be approved by producers,” a source told the paper. “They've threatened the cast that they will be fined if they flout the rules — but some don't care and are blatantly going ahead to earn as much cash as they possibly can.” But the source insists the free-for-all will soon come to an end. “They have to get permission from MTV prior to doing a personal appearance — we don't want one of these kids appearing in a topless bar. (‘Pauly D’ Delvecchio's) fan base is about 85 percent women between 12 and 21, we have to protect that.” … While she’s not exactly a hit with critics, at least Megan Fox can count veteran actor Mickey Rourke to give her good reviews. Rourke, who appears alongside Fox in the upcoming “Passion Play,” considers his co-star special. “She is the best young actress I’ve ever worked with,” Rourke said in a quote featured in Showbiz Spy. “I don’t know if a lot of her films have showcased her acting ability more than, say, being action-oriented, but she really stepped up to the plate with this one and was very consistent and professional, beyond her years. At 23, I couldn’t do half of what she’s doing.”

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