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Local traffic man Bob Herzog channels Elton John, Tom Petty in viral videos

Anyone who thinks TV news traffic reports are just dry slabs of information has never caught Bob Herzog on "Good Morning Cincinnati." Yes, it's true that he helps direct viewers around potential tie-ups and bumps in the road, but he does it with a very particular flair, channeling Tom Petty lyrics when necessary (instead of the lyrics to "Free Fallin'," he sings "tree fallen" in the road, to help drivers avoid a blockage). 

And then there's his "Dance Party Friday," where producers have apparently let him have a free hand with content; here, he transforms into a song-and-dance man who'll do just about anything on camera, including channeling Elton John (to the tune of "Rocket Man," he croons, "And I think there's gonna be a long long line of cars as you try to get to work on time," adding, "I'm the Traffic Man") and donning costumes (cowboy, a wig, and a succession of skirts), all while shaking his bon-bon to songs such as "What's New Pussycat?" and "Celebration."

It's clearly no act; as Herzog notes on his Facebook page, "My flux capacitor is always fluxing," referencing "Back to the Future."

Herzog has gone mostly unheralded outside Ohio, but now he's gone viral by uploading two compilations of some of his best "Dance Party" moments. Traffic reports -- and local news -- may never be the same again. At least, until a cat wanders onto the set.

Check out the videos, and dig into more on Herzog's YouTube channel!

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