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Lizzo, Ego Nwodim, Chris Redd overthrow Kenan Thompson in ‘SNL’ game show sketch

Lizzo was losing the game, so she talked the other two "game show contestants" into a revolt against Kenan Thompson's "Mayor of Gametown."
Kenan Thompson in ‘SNL’ game show sketch.
Kenan Thompson in ‘SNL’ game show sketch.'SNL'/NBC

Lizzo pulled double-duty during last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” marking her first time hosting the show and second time as musical guest.

Following an Easter-themed cold open and Lizzo’s hilarious monologue, the episode kicked off with a game show sketch, “Trivia Game Show.” Kenan Thompson served as the host of the show called “Guess That!” while Lizzo, Ego Nwodim, and Chris Redd portrayed the three contestants who were tasked with having to answer trivia questions.

Things were going smoothly when Nwodim and Redd both answered their questions correctly, but the sketch took a turn when Lizzo attempted to answer the question, “This New York City airport was named after the 35th president of the United States” and confidently responded, “Robert Kennedy Airport.”

Ego Nwodim, Lizzo and Chris Redd played game show contestants in a hilarious sketch that ended in chaos.
Ego Nwodim, Lizzo and Chris Redd played game show contestants in a hilarious sketch that ended in chaos.'SNL'/NBC

When Thompson pointed out that she was incorrect, Lizzo retorted, “No it’s not, I was just there.” 

Thompson assured her that her answer was not right, causing Lizzo to reply, “How you gonna tell me? I was just stuck in that airport for five hours because I pet a bomb sniffing dog and they said I ruined him.”

Amid their back-and-forth, Redd chimed in with the correct answer, John F. Kennedy Airport, causing Lizzo to interject and point out that she had just given that answer. Thompson reminded her that she said Robert, not John, so Lizzo slyly added, “Okay, but you knew what I meant.”

Things continued to spiral out of control when Lizzo questioned Thompson, who she referred to as the “Mayor of Gametown,” and the game's rules after she didn’t receive any money for guessing half of the answer. Thompson attempted to move on with the rest of the game, but he barely got halfway through the next question before Lizzo buzzed in again.

“I don’t wanna play no more,” she said, explaining, “You said I can’t win, so I don’t wanna play no more.”

When Thompson pointed out that he didn’t tell her that she couldn’t win, Lizzo spun it around on him, saying, “Don’t you gaslight me, Clint.”

Even when Thompson told her that he didn’t care if she quit the game or not, it wasn’t sufficient for Lizzo. She said that she wanted to receive her money before she quit, referring to the $500 the contestants were expected to earn just for participating in the episode. However, Thompson explained that was for contestants who finished the game.

“Okay, so you’re forcing me to play even though you said I can’t win? This man is a classic gaslighting narcissist, y’all,” Lizzo said.

Lizzo’s diatribe against Thompson continued, accusing him of hating women at one point when she tried to guess the same answer as Redd after he guessed correctly. Nwodim also involved herself in the attack against Thompson who kept referring back to the rules, asking him, “I’m sorry, but who died and made you the Mayor of Gametown?”

The contestants flipped the script on Thompson, continuously accusing him of being sexist and declaring they would take over his role of "Mayor of Gametown" to make improvements to the games and upgrade the hotel quarters provided to contestants.

Thompson tried to regain control of the situation and declared that he wasn't the "mayor of anything," but the contestants were relentless in their accusations. By the end of the sketch, he had given up entirely, relinquishing his fake title to Lizzo before walking off the set in a huff.