Little Olivia Wilde looks adorable in this throwback pic: 'Props to my parents'

/ Source: TODAY

It's been just three months since Olivia Wilde gave birth to a little girl named Daisy and shared the news alongside a sweet photo of her bundle of joy.

And now she's sharing a photo of another little girl — herself!

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, Wilde posted a childhood pic from her pre-K days on Instagram.

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The actress holds a small rose-gold frame in the shot, and in it, there's photograph of a very young Wilde sporting a very sweet smile.

"Props to my parents for really committing to the wallet-size print," she wrote in the caption. "Every child looks better-behaved in 1"x2"."

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Her own kids look picture-perfect, too. Just look at these shots she's recently shared of daughter Daisy and 2-year-old son Otis — and their dad, Jason Sudeikis.

Awws all around!

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