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'Little Couple' star struggles with how to ease back into work after chemotherapy

"The Little Couple" has followed star Jen Arnold as she tackles cancer head-on in the midst of helping newly adopted daughter Zoey adjust, but with her chemotherapy treatments are coming to an end, she's struggling a bit with how to ease back into her workload.

In a clip from Tuesday's new episode that TLC is sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, Jen and her husband, Bill Klein, discuss how she'll get back into the swing of things as she's finishing her final round of chemo. While the couple is excited that it's almost over, Jen is clearly exhausted.

"As much as I think Jennifer would love to get back to work tomorrow, chemo has taken energy away, and it's gonna take a while to come back," Bill tells the cameras before suggesting to his neonatologist wife that she start with just a few days a week, or half days.

"I'm not good about saying, 'No,'" Jen admits.

The solution? Bill suggests being a little "selfish — not in a bad way, to take care of you."

And tough as the four months of treatment have been, Jen admits they've learned from the experience. "We oftentimes, both Bill and I, push ourselves to get it all done," she says. "At some point it's like, 'Wow. Let's just take a break and enjoy something. Let's enjoy all the good things that we have in our lives.'"

One of the little things they end up taking the time to savor in the new episode? Cupcakes with the kids to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy, as a photo TLC shared exclusively with us shows.

Jen, Zoey, Will and Bill enjoy cupcakes after Jen finishes her final round of chemo on "The Little Couple."

"The Little Couple" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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