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'Little Couple' star: 'I knew something was wrong' with Jen

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time for any family, and fans of "The Little Couple" will get to experience it with stars Jen Arnold, Bill Klein and their son, Will, when the new season begins Tuesday. 

In an exclusive clip that TLC is sharing with TODAY, the family is happy when they land in Mumbai to meet and finalize the adoption of their new little girl, Zoey. 

"It's tough to know that your daughter is in the same city and you can't really just go and get her," Bill tells the cameras. "But this is yet another thing you just have to deal with, and soon enough, she'll be in our arms."

But behind the scenes, they were feeling a bit jittery. 

"It was a combination of nerves and excitement," Bill told TODAY via email about what they were feeling when they arrived in Mumbai. "We knew we were very likely to experience little issue with the (adoption) process, but were very focused on how Zoey was actually doing. We had very little contact with the orphanage prior to that day."

Though they were initially nervous only about meeting Zoey and the little girl's health, things will take a serious turn in next week's episode. As fans of "The Little Couple" know, Jen was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year. The first trailer for this season of the show even revealed that the neonatologist cuts her trip short.

Bill told TODAY that "not long" after arriving in Mumbai, Jen knew something was wrong. "Jen had been tracking her (pregnancy hormone) levels since the D&C," Bill explained. A D&C (dilation and curettage) is a procedure that is done to remove tissue after a miscarriage, according to the National Institutes of Health. Jen had suffered a pregnancy loss in September, which led to the development of her cancer.

When Jen's "bleeding began to occur prior to that morning," Bill said they weren't too concerned, especially since it had subsided. But it started again and got worse. He knew something serious was going on.

"(We've) been married for six and together with Jen for eight years," he told us. "I have a pretty good idea of when Jen has a hang nail. I knew something was wrong."

Bill said that his wife was torn between taking care of her health and staying in India to complete the adoption process together.

"We knew we could complete the adoption with just one parent, but there could be bumps in the road if we chose to," he explained. "As Jen's health continued to come into question, it became less of a debate between the two of us as to whether she stays in India, but rather, how soon we could get her home."

And it was a good thing she headed back to Texas quickly. As Jen said on a visit to "Dr. Oz" on Friday, "My tumor was extraordinarily aggressive." Fortunately, she's since had her final chemotherapy treatment, and her cancer is in remission.

The new season of "The Little Couple" begins Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TLC.