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Lisa snubs Adrienne in 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season premiere

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Lisa reads a note from Adrienne on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season premiere.

The ladies of 90210 are back, and still just as crazy as ever. The season three premiere of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" kicked off Monday, and along with new opening slogans came new drama and one new face.

Time to recap "Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills" right now!

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New BFFs: Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville start this season off like two peas in a pod. Lisa has moved just around the block and there seems to be no neighborly love lost between her and Adrienne Maloof. If you forgot, Lisa is pissed Adrienne accused her of selling stories to tabloids and the two haven't made up since last season's reunion. Case in point: Adrienne isn't invited to the Villa Blanca anniversary party. The nerve!

Awkward Alert: Our first shot of Adrienne this season is of her saying, "Life is great" before having dinner with then-husband Paul Nassif, and the Bickersons seem as adorable as ever. Considering these two are in the middle of a nasty divorce, appearances clearly can be deceiving. Meanwhile, Taylor Armstrong lets news slip to Adrienne about Lisa's party.

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Meet Yolanda: Former model Yolanda Foster (music mogul David Foster's wife) is the newest castmember of "RHOBH," and Lisa is the one who has brought her into the group. As for episode one, Yolanda seems to be a hit. Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, and Taylor all seem to approve of her. As for Brandi, she makes a joke about how Yolanda has slept with everyone in town, so those two start the season off on a interesting note. 

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The Party: Lisa's bash really does go off without a hitch (just with a really large flower bouquet). We find Kim sober and seemingly better than ever. Need proof? She makes it to a party on time! But Kim and Kyle's relationship is still rocky. Taylor, who keeps boasting how she has gained 10 pounds, also looks better than ever. Meanwhile, Adrienne sends Lisa an obnoxiously obscene flower arrangement. Just us, or does that not seem like a peace offering?

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Brandi Scoreboard: After each episode, we should probably check in on how Brandi's relationships stand with all the girls. Taylor and Brandi are still on bad terms from last season's reunion (the horror: they don't kiss hello at Lisa's party!). Brandi and Kim still have no relationship, while her relationship with Lisa is stronger than ever. As for Brandi and Kyle, they are fine, but Brandi and Yolanda are off on a rocky start.

Do you think Yolanda will fit in? What about Kim and Kyle's relationship? Let us know what you thought about Monday night's season premiere on our Facebook page.

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