Lisa Kudrow reveals struggle with body image during time on 'Friends'

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/ Source: TODAY

Lisa Kudrow is opening up about her "battle" with her body image during her decade on "Friends."

During a new interview on Marc Maron's podcast, "WTF With Marc Maron," the 55-year-old Emmy winner revealed that next to co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, she felt like a "mountain of a woman."

Lisa Kudrow, left with her "Friends" co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox in 1996.Ron Davis/Getty Images

"You see yourself on TV and it's that, 'Oh my God, I'm just a mountain of a girl.' I'm already bigger than Courteney and Jennifer," shared Kudrow, who at 5-foot-8 is 3 inches taller than her former co-stars.

"My bones feel bigger. I just felt like this mountain of a woman next to them," she added.

The "Booksmart" star, who played eccentric hippie Phoebe Buffay on the long-running sitcom, went on to explain that she got dangerously thin while on the series — which won her compliments.

"Unfortunately for a woman, if you're underweight, you look good and that's all I ever got," Kudrow shared.

Being underweight caused her health to suffer. But even chronic colds and sinus infections didn't stop Kudrow from wanting to be skinny.

Though 15 years have passed since "Friends" went off the air, Kudrow says she still struggles with her body image.

"I have a whole battle all the time," she shared, adding, "I end up with, 'So what? So, all right. You're older. That's a good thing. Why is that a bad thing?'"