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Lisa Kudrow reveals relatable way she prepared for 'Smelly Cat' duet with Lady Gaga

The actor took some time to practice for her big moment.
/ Source: TODAY

Lisa Kudrow delighted fans when she sat down for a duet with Lady Gaga during the "Friends" reunion, and the actor is now opening up about how she prepared for the special moment.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the 57-year-old admitted that she was actually "really nervous" to sing "Smelly Cat" with the "Rain On Me" singer and said she took some time to practice beforehand.

"I realized I had to learn 'Smelly Cat' again and I tuned my guitar and then realized I don't know the chords. But I Googled it. All the chords were there," she said. "So thank you, world, for posting the chords."

Afterwards, Kudrow started practicing but she had a bit of stage fright.

"So I learned it and then my throat closed. I was so panicked, I couldn't get anything out. I didn't know what was going to happen but it worked out," she said.

DeGeneres then asked the actor if she ever plays guitar around the house for fun and she made it clear that she doesn't exactly enjoy messing around with the instrument.

"Oh no, absolutely not," she said. "Just for the show, for those 10 years and then I was done."

During her guest appearance on the reunion, Gaga ended up thanking Kudrow for being "the different one on 'Friends'" and the actor told DeGeneres that she really appreciated her saying that.

"That really almost made me cry," she said. "That blew me away."

Kudrow also recalled how her son and his classmates would always listen to the singer when they were in grade school and getting to sing with her really brought things full circle for her.

"Her whole message was, everyone be yourself and just be you," she said. "Yeah, (singing with her) was amazing."

Kudrow's son, Julian, graduated from college last month and Kudrow told DeGeneres that she almost didn't go to his graduation since her own wasn't all that memorable.

"I was so tired and I didn't care and it's too ceremonial. And I slept through Governor Mario Cuomo (who) spoke," she recalled, adding that she didn't think it was a big deal at the time.

So when she learned that her son's graduation was at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, Kudrow wasn't exactly jazzed about going and she asked him if any of his friends would be attending.

"He said, 'Yeah, we're all going, all of us. Everyone's going because we're graduating.' And I went, 'Oh, OK, so that's a big deal to you? OK, yeah, so I'll go too,'" she said. "What an idiot. It caught me by surprise that it would feel like a big moment, and it did. What was I thinking?"