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Lindsay's House Arrest Ankle Monitor Goes Off--Here We Go Again?

Whoever had "five days" in the office pool, give yourselves a pat on the back.
/ Source: E!online

Whoever had "five days" in the office pool, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Because that's how long it took for Lindsay Lohan's ankle-monitoring bracelet--the least fashionable condition of her 35-day house arrest sentence --to go off.

So what was the culprit this time? Booze? Drugs? Did she try and make a run for it?

Nah. This time around (and brace yourselves, this may be a first), Lohan appears to have done absolutely nothing wrong.

We'll give you a minute to recover.

At least as it stands right now, the house-arrest electronic monitoring system appears to have simply gone on the blink when it went off Tuesday, causing probation officials to pay a house call to LiLo's Venice townhome.

Lindsay's rep told E! News that, per his understanding, there was a system issue with her equipment that warranted an impromptu check-in. (Officers are allowed to enter her home at any time to make sure she is in compliance with her requirements.)

Once there, they discovered no probation-violating debauchery, but rather Lindsay watching TV (fun fact: according to the Los Angeles Times, hers is a 3D set), reading scripts (while presumably puffing on some e-cigs ) and preening on her rooftop patio while--wouldn't you know it--in full view of paparazzi.

Hey, a gal's gotta earn money somehow, right?

"Lindsay's electronic monitoring system went off on Monday," attorney Shawn Holley told E! News. "When a representative from the monitoring company went to her home, the representative found Lindsay there. The equipment was replaced the following day."

Leave it to Lindsay to get a malfunctioning device. Some people really can't catch a break.

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