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Lindsay 'stands to learn a lot from rehab,' source says

“Lindsay is in a different place now than she was when she first came to Lynwood,” said a source close to the family, noting that rehab could help her refocus and reset her routines.
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Lindsay Lohan’s family is keeping positive, focusing on the actress’ next step — rehab.

“Lindsay is in a different place now than she was when she first came to Lynwood (Century Regional Detention Facility),” said a source close to the family. “She stands to learn a lot from rehab now. She wasn’t necessarily at that point when she first started her jail sentence.”

The source also said that what Lohan stands to gain the most from rehab is a reordering of her life.

“She’s never been away from all the triggers and bad influences for long enough to make a difference,” said the source. “Her jail sentence plus the 90 days (in rehab) is going to give her the chance to reset all her routines and refocus. Make no mistake, she’s not happy about it, but the people close to her know its going to be good for her.”

Bieber protester predicts his ‘destruction’Justin Bieber better shape up and end his “whoremonger-in-training” ways, according to the Westboro Baptist Church. The independent church, known best for protesting the funerals of dead American soldiers and its anti-homosexuality stance, went to the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Kan., on July 29 to picket the young Canadian singer.

“If (only) he would have used that opportunity when those people all came in there just gaga over him to speak the word of God,” said Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of minister Fred Phelps and active member of the Westboro Baptist Church, to “Words fail me of that painful sight of seeing those young girls (who were in attendance).”

The protest leader was seen getting into a verbal altercation with the mother of a young concert attendee who was crying due to the protester’s taunts. Phelps-Roper said that Bieber had to change his attitude and message in order to avoid the repercussions.

“(Bieber’s) destruction is eminent,” she said. “Get a Bible and read the word and obey your God. Tell those words to all these fawning masses. Two things will happen: You’ll be blessed from God, and you’ll lose your goofy empire.”

No word on whether the group intends to continue picketing Bieber.

Weekend box office It was a three-peat this weekend for “Inception,” which found itself atop the box office again. It made another $27.5 million this weekend (it’s cumulative is $193 million) easily edging out No. 2, “Dinner for Schmucks,” which made $23.3 million.

The other two new releases, “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” and “Charlie St. Cloud,” came in No. 5 and 6.

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