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Lindsay’s urine tests clean after MTV Awards

The actress was not drinking when her SCRAM bracelet went off at an MTV Movie Awards party earlier this month, her lawyer says, and her urine test is proof of that.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer is claiming a urine test taken by the actress came out clean, proving, she claims, that the actress’ SCRAM ankle monitor went off by mistake.

“The urine test confirms what Lindsay has said all along: that she didn’t have any alcohol or do anything to cause the device to go off,” Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said in a statement to Access Hollywood on Thursday night.

Lohan also tweeted her response to what they claim are the results of a urine test, which have not been made public, writing, “the truth, is refreshing.”

On Friday, however, a rep for the District Attorney’s office told Access Hollywood that they had not seen the report and prosecutors have not received a copy of it. Additionally, a rep for the Los Angeles Superior Court told Access that they did not have a record of the urine test.

When contacted on Friday by Access, a rep for SCRAM, cast doubt on the validity of a urine test and said that their device doesn’t get alcohol monitoring wrong.

“It’s not just possible but probable that someone can be drunk late at night and completely sober at a random test the next morning — that’s precisely why judges order 24/7 monitoring and why the judge in this case chose to have both random drug tests (which include alcohol testing) and SCRAM,” SCRAM rep Kathleen Brown said in an e-mail to Access Hollywood on Friday morning.

“It’s why we exist. Alcohol metabolizes very quickly in the body — so random tests have a difficult time catching drinking. Random tests are good for drug testing, because drugs leave residual indicators in the body much longer than alcohol,” Brown’s e-mail continued.

As previously reported on, a spilled drink on a SCRAM — something Dina Lohan suggested to the NY Post happened in Lindsay’s case, registers a sharp spike, not the same trajectory as someone who has been drinking. Brown reiterated this point in her e-mail to Access on Friday.

“In terms of the ‘spilling’ question: SCRAMx could get an alert for alcohol spilling on the bracelet. However, SCRAMx can easily tell the difference between exposure to alcohol around the bracelet and actual consumed alcohol that metabolizes through the skin,” Brown said in the e-mail. “A spill or something else in the environment with alcohol (hairspray, lotions) would create a rapid spike much faster than the body would ever consume alcohol and would evaporate and burn off much faster than the body can metabolize alcohol.”

On Friday, Michael Lohan also issued a statement to Access, saying, “As I said, there was as STRONG likelihhod (sic) that somebody spilled a drink on Lindsay’s SCRAM device. Think of the possibility, when she was at a crowded event, with all the people walking around with drinks in their hands. How many times have you been in a crowded place where people were drinking and they spill something on you! People forget! They love to cast blame and point fingers without looking at things from within!. If Lindsay is wrong. I say it. When she is right. I will say it, GLADLY, as well.”