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Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest Pays Off: Actress Shoots Commercial at Home

What does Lindsay Lohan do when she can't bring home the bacon?
/ Source: E!online

What does Lindsay Lohan do when she can't bring home the bacon?

She just makes the bacon in the house.

Even though she's under house arrest, the troubled actress has found a way to supplement her income by filming a commercial at her Venice, Calif., pad.

So who's using the troubled starlet to hawk their goods?

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Internet auction site has tapped Lohan to film a commercial from her very own living-room couch. Beezid is a penny auction site that sells electronics, cars, video games and lifestyle and fashion products.

A rep for the company said that Lohan was originally offered a whopping $25,000 for the gig, but she turned it down. Beezid then upped the ante (the rep says it was in the five figures) and threw in a $10,000 credit to spend on the site.

That was enough to sway Lohan.

"Hey, all my friends: I just wanted to share with you that during some of my time at home, I found this amazing site with great deals: It's called," LiLo says on the ad spot, which runs just under 15 seconds.

The company rep said they chose Lohan because she's a "huge shopper" who had "extra time right now."

"Lindsay was great to work with," said the rep. "She loved the site. She was energeticm smart and focused."

The commercial, taped through last weekend, comes after Lohan claimed she's been spending her time at home reading scripts and looking for movie roles in between sunning herself on the roof and having Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewing parties. It will air only on Beezid.

In just over a week, Lohan will be finished with her house arrest, where she is wearing an ankle-bracelet monitor and is subject to random drug tests and probation officer visits. She will then begin the 800 hours of community service she must complete.

--Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

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