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Lindsay Lohan's Accuser Turned "Witness": We Haven't Resolved This Yet

If Lindsay Lohan is seeking closure, this isn't the corner where she'll find it.
/ Source: E!online

If Lindsay Lohan is seeking closure, this isn't the corner where she'll find it.

Dawn Holland, the fired Betty Ford Center technician who accused the starlet of getting rough and belligerent with her while in treatment and later declined to press charges--but not before the district attorney got involved --has not reached any sort of agreement with Lohan regarding the potential aftermath of their run-in, despite rumors to the contrary, Holland's lawyer tells E! News.

Meaning, no "I promise not to sue you" or "Here's some money for your troubles" deal has been signed.

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"There is no deal in writing or in principle," attorney Owen McIntosh told E! News. "I imagine several deals had been discussed by my predecessor" (Holland's previous attorney, Keith Davidson). "We are not entertaining anything like that at the present time. It is going to be a little bit of time before we discuss resolutions with anybody."

In the meantime, Lohan is still awaiting the Riverside County D.A.'s decision on whether to file charges against her stemming from Holland's original allegations. Last month, she told TMZ that she caught Lohan sneaking into the facility late one night and, when she approached her to take a breath test, Lohan ran off and dialed 911. When Holland picked up an extension to get in on the call, she said, Lohan tried to twist the phone away from her, injuring her hand in the process.

Speaking with TMZ was what ultimately got her fired, for violating patient confidentiality.

"We will cooperate with the D.A.," McIntosh said. "Anything out there that suggests [Holland] will not cooperate is not true."

He emphasized that Holland is "nothing more than a witness. She does not control whether the D.A. prosecutes the new case or revokes the old case."

For now, he added, he is focused on pursuing disability payments for his client, who, he said, has not received any payments from the Betty Ford Center and has been "strangely ignored."

Riverside D.A.'s Office spokesman Johan Hall told E! News that Lohan's case is still an open investigation and there is "no timeline" as to when they'll issue a "final decision."

Lohan's got a Feb. 25 progress-report hearing, but Hall said that there's no guarantee the issue will be resolved by then.

"I couldn't tell you," he concluded. "It just depends how the investigation goes and whether we have to do additional interviews."

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