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Is Lindsay Lohan saying cheerio to the U.S.?

Lohan has been real estate shopping in trendy Notting Hill, according to London’s Mail on Sunday.
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Is Lindsay Lohan moving to England?

The “Mean Girls” star has been visiting England lately — where she made the news in Internet blogs by exiting a car sans her skivvies — and has so enjoyed her time there that she’s reportedly planning to stay.

Lohan has been real estate shopping in trendy Notting Hill, according to London’s Mail on Sunday.

“I just love Notting Hill — it has some really cool shops and great restaurants,” the paper quotes Lohan. “I’ve been looking at some properties while I’ve been over here and we’re hoping to buy something soon. I can see me and Harry [Morton, her boyfriend] really fitting in there.”

Scientology takes heat Down UnderDon’t be surprised if Tom Cruise blasts Australia as being “glib.”

The federal government’s mental-health spokesman has blasted an anti-psychiatry exhibit sponsored by an offshoot of Scientology as “incredibly irresponsible.”

The exhibition, operated by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, slams psychiatric practices and claims that psychiatry is an “industry of death.”

“It’s ill-informed and it’s dangerous to undermine a highly respected and important part of the medical profession,” Christopher Pyne, Australia’s parliamentary secretary for health with special responsibilities for mental health told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “Patients who see a psychiatrist shouldn’t have their faith in psychiatry shaken by crackpot claims.”

But Shelly Wilkins, the executive director of the exhibit, says that CCHR doesn’t oppose psychiatrists, merely their practices, explaining, “None of psychiatry’s so-called disorders or illnesses or diseases are actually based on any scientific proof.”

Notes from all overShar Jackson says she wasn’t sorry to lose Kevin Federline as a sweetie — but wouldn’t let the father of her children escape. “As far as I was concerned, I was ok that the relationship ended. . . but the family breaking up is something painful,” Jackson tells Thursday’s “Dr. Keith Ablow Show.” “And honestly I didn’t let it happen. Now in the beginning it was rough, because he was overseas, so I really didn’t have much control over there.  But when he came back home, I told him ‘Kevin, I’m not going to let you be a convenient father, when it’s convenient for you. If you are going to be part of these kids’ lives, then you’re going to be a part. If not, then you’re not.’” Jackson calls Federline’s wife, Britney Spears, part of her children’s “extended family” but says she has not met Spears’ children because “I keep my distance.” . . .  Mariah Carey and her entourage are toting around more than 100 pieces of luggage on her current tour.  . . .Openly gay actor Rupert Everett says that having a “beard” girlfriend wouldn’t be worth the trouble. “To be a movie star you have got to have a good-looking girlfriend,” Everett said. But a phony girlfriend is “too exhausting,” he says, explaining, “You need a lot of energy to have a trophy girlfriend. I take my hat off to anyone who has one.”

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