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Lindsay Lohan punches a paparazzo

Lohan reportedly tripped over a barricade and thought a lensman in the crowd was at fault, so she took a swing.
/ Source: contributor

Photographers beware: Lindsay Lohan is fighting mad! Gossip site TMZ reports the “Mean Girls” star was so worked up as she passed a crowd of shutterbugs in front of New York City’s Bowery Hotel, that she hauled off and punched a paparazzo in the nose.

According to an insider, Lindsay stumbled over a barricade meant to hold the photographers at bay and seemed to assume one of the lensmen tripped her. That’s when she allegedly took a swing at a lone pap.

“Oh my God,” LiLo was overheard gasping into her cell phone. “I just hit a paparazzi.”

Eva wants bump watchers to take a breakAfter months of enduring constant is-she-or-isn’t-she pregnancy speculation and having every belly bulge investigated, Eva Longoria wants a break. The “Desperate Housewives” star told Extra TV she’s had enough.

“I wish people would just chill out,” Eva said. “You’ll know when it happens.”

Well, more like three months after it happens, as Eva added, “you just don’t say anything, for health reasons” before that.

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As for the all the interest in how her clothes cling or what she may be hiding beneath a billowing dress, the actress finds it ridiculous.

“It’s funny because (gossip bloggers) are like, ‘Oh, Eva is wearing baggy clothes,’” but she reminded Extra, “it’s not like I dressed like a hoochie mama before!”

Daniel Radcliffe suffers localized stage freightShrinkage affects all the greats — just look at Michelangelo’s David. That’s what Daniel Radcliffe hopes audience members keep in mind when he strips down on the Broadway stage later this month for his role in “Equus.”

“(David) wasn’t very well endowed, because he was fighting Goliath,” the “Harry Potter” star explained in an interview with the New York Times. “There was very much that effect (for me). You tighten up like a hamster.”

Dish on the flyOlympic swimmer Amanda Beard, who once shuddered at the thought of dating , claims stalking is the way to a woman’s heart. “Believe me, a bit of stalking works,” the former breaststroke champ told OK! magazine. “Women want to be pursued. When the police get involved, you know you’re doing something right.” Hmm. Hopefully that’s just another example of Amanda’s often-misunderstood sense of humor. … Last month the owner of the most comprehensive Sienna Miller fan site on the net warned fellow followers the online tribute would end unless someone else stepped up. The reason? “Recent events — that of Sienna’s affair with a married father of 4 and extremely public PDAs — have heightened my lack of interest in the site and Sienna,” the webmaster wrote. Well, it seems the rest of Sienna’s fan base is equally apathetic, as the forum is now closed and the site hasn’t posted a single update since.

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