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Lindsay Lohan plays surreal stylist on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

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Lindsay Lohan.

If acting doesn’t work out for Lindsay Lohan, she may have another career choice: hairstylist.

For her latest media appearance, instead of making headlines with a scandal, she chose a slightly more low-key role Wednesday night as Jimmy Fallon’s styling assistant.

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Fallon stepped onto the stage for “Let Us Play With Your Look” in an all-white costume (complete with tights) and a short blonde wig. As he belted out the sketch’s theme song in as many inflections as possible, LiLo sashayed through the audience in a similar wig, all-white outfit and overly large cat glasses.

While the late night host continued his serenade, Lohan proceeded to play with a surprisingly compliant audience member’s hair. She heaped on the unsuspecting member a very questionable substance (butter, maybe?) and smeared in all over his hair and face. After massaging the mousse substitute into his scalp, Lohan settled on a mohawk.

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After all the hard work singing, Fallon passed out onto a carpet, which was than dragged off stage, leaving a very confused Lohan all alone. With an awakward smile and some Vanna White-esque hand motions, Lohan slunk, or attempted to – she was hindered by a very stubborn curtain -- off stage.

Check out the comical cameo below.

The twenty-six year old Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic "Liz & Dick" premiering November 25.

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