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Lindsay Lohan: ‘I aspired to be like Britney’

The tabloid staple is coming to terms with life in the public eye, and in particular, life under the glare of paparazzi lenses.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan is coming to terms with life in the public eye, and in particular, life under the glare of paparazzi lenses.

“I know that I’m a target and I know that I’ve given people a lot of reasons to kind of run with things that have been said,” Lindsay told Access Hollywood. “But I no longer intend on doing that … I’m not perfect.”

Lohan said her life in front of the lens was inspired by another star.

“The second that I decided I wanted to be in front of the camera I kind of, I think I’ve always kind of, you know … I aspired to be like Britney Spears in the tabloids,” Lohan revealed. “So it’s kind of something you sign up for in the beginning and if you really want it … that comes with it.”

The 23-year-old continues to be a tabloid hot topic, brought on most times by her behavior, but Lohan claims she is in a no-win situation.

“I’m really numb to it,” she said. “There are times when it does effect me, when I’m having a bad day or dealing with something personal but they’re going to spin it anyway,” Lohan said. “If I make the wrong face and I’m having a really great day they’re going to say something negative anyway.”

Lohan’s relationship with mom Dina is still strong and Lindsay is very protective when it comes to her 15-year-old sister, Ali.

“I’m really tough with her when I need to be but she’s, she’s, she’s not stupid. … She’s a tough cookie,” Lohan said of her sis. “I think she’s seen what I’ve gone through a lot so she knows a lot more of what not to do.”

And sometimes, younger sisters have it easier.

“I don’t know about easier with my past,” Lohan noted. “I haven’t exactly paved like, a clear slate for her but … she’s a really good girl.”

As for Lohan’s tumultuous relationship with her dad, Michael Lohan, that’s another story. So is his newfound friendship with Jon Gosselin

“I don’t really engage with any of that … my dad is who he is,” she said. “What my dad does is none of my business. I’ve seen enough of it in the past and I no longer want to deal with any of that.”

For now, Lohan is dealing with her nerves since being named Artistic Advisor for Ungaro fashion house, helping spearhead their collection in Paris next month.

“I’m nervous about the show the way I get nervous about a film,” Lohan said. “Maybe a little bit more about this because it’s … a little more personal. In a film, I’m playing someone else and people can kind of relate to that character. This is very much so me.”