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Lindsay is caught in her own ‘parent trap’

A short fuse on dad Michael and an even shorter rule book from mom Dina.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Nine years ago, Lindsay Lohan hit the red carpet for her first big Hollywood premiere for “The Parent Trap” with wide eyes and innocence.

But, oh, how times have changed as the Hollywood trap has left the actress with blurry eyes and addiction. So who’s to blame?

Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush has sat down with both of her parents over the years, and now we take a look back at our interviews with Michael and Dina Lohan.

“I think everyone needs to get it out of their system,” mom Dina said in 2004. “There’s certain things that I’m not going to say, ‘No you can’t’ after you worked so hard to get where you are.”

Then of course there’s her dad Michael who gave us such quotes as “I grabbed his head and punched him in the head” and “I’ll make no bones about it. I don’t put up with bull---t.”

Indeed, a short fuse on dad… and an even shorter rule book from mom.

“She tells me everything, sometimes things I don’t want to know,” her mom told us.

It’s fair to say Dina and Michael have a very tumultuous past as a couple — one that almost undoubtedly affected their four children.

“Is Lindsay afraid of you in any way?” Billy Bush asked Michael in 2004.

“Not at all. Ask Lindsay, she’ll tell you. She wasn’t afraid of me when she called me up two nights ago and said, ‘Daddy, I want my family back. Let’s put this back together,’ while crying her eyes out,” Michael insisted.

But what does mom have to say?

“Is she afraid of him?” Billy asked Dina in a separate interview.

“It has become fearful at times,” Dina revealed.

But Michael has been jailed and/or cited for multiple violations including fraud and DUI.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Billy said to Michael. “Do you have an anger management issue of some kind because there have been some fights and that seems to be the way you resolve it?”

“I am very protective of my family. Very protective. Don’t cross the boundaries, bottom line,” he answered.

Two of the other three children — 13-year-old Ali and 10-year-old Dakota — are following in big sis Lindsay’s footsteps. But after Lindsay’s 1998 “Parent Trap” debut, Dina kept Hollywood at arms length.

“I pulled her out after that and I said, ‘Lindsay you have to go back to school and be like a normal so-called child,’” her mom said.

Lindsay attended high school through 11th grade, after which she was home schooled but was dying to get back into showbiz.

“The biggest concern I would think is too much too soon,” Billy noted while talking with Dina.

“When you’re at the top, it’s fast and furious. But Lindsay has been in this business since she’s three,” Dina said.

And as a result, so has Dina, who these days has the reputation of being a “party mom.”

“I don’t go out. I wish,” Dina contends. “It’s just lies and the lies hurt. Lindsay said to me, ‘Mommy, look what they write about me. Lighten up. Don’t even worry about that.’”

But even back when Lindsay was just 18, mom was already planning a 21st birthday bash.

“I just will have the biggest 21st birthday party. I can’t wait until she’s 21,” Dina said.

And though Lindsay is in rehab five weeks before her birthday, even back then Dina believed in Hollywood reincarnation.

“There are other stars that have made it through dark periods, like look at Drew Barrymore — a wonderful actress who made it through a tough time and she survived it,” Dina said.