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Lin-Manuel Miranda's wife has a hilarious reaction during her husband's kissing scenes

Vanessa Nadal has a tradition every time her husband kisses someone on stage or screen.
/ Source: TODAY

While it's just acting, Lin-Manuel Miranda's wife can't help but voice her disapproval in the most hilarious way every time her "Hamilton" star and creator husband kisses someone onstage.

"I always boo when Lin kisses someone else on stage, and people sitting around me look at me like I'm a crazy person," Miranda's wife, Vanessa Nadal, wrote on Twitter.

Nadal, who has been married to Miranda since 2010, tweeted some of her memories from the making of the "Hamilton" movie. The long-awaited film version of the hit Broadway show became available to stream on Disney+ July 3.

Fans completely understood why she boos.

One person said her 11-year-old was confused when Miranda, who plays Alexander Hamilton, kisses Eliza and wondered if they were married "in real life."

"My 11 year old asked that same question last night! She can't wrap her head around @Lin_Manuel kissing someone else if he's married," another fan added.

Nadal also shared some other fun facts about the making of "Hamilton."

When Miranda was initially writing the musical, she asked her husband to give the female characters more fast raps.

"REWIND REWIND. As he wrote it, I often reminded @Lin_Manuel he had to give the women more raps and then he gave HER THE BEST RAP IN THE SHOW YASSS," Nadal wrote, referring to Renée Elise Goldsberry, who plays the "Hamilton" character Angelica Schuyler.

"To be clear the women always had lines, but they were sung. I just wanted more fast rapping," Nadal added.