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Limp Bizkit singer starts MySpace feud

Fred Durst bashes former bandmate in a one-minute song on the site
/ Source: Billboard

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and the band’s former guitarist, Wes Borland, have taken their feud to MySpace, with Durst bashing his old bandmate in a minute-long song.

Bizkit, which rode the rock-rap wave in the late 1990s, has been off the radar since last year, when its EP “The Unquestionable Truth Pt. 1” was released to dismal sales. Borland left the band in recent months to pursue a new group, Black Light Burns.

Durst targets Borland in the song “Unacceptableinterlude,” which can be heard at his MySpace blog ( It features such lyrics as “Stop making plans to manipulate fans and finally stick to something you believe / ’Cause you had us all fooled and, I’ll admit, even me / Manipulating like a crook who’s arrestable / It’s unacceptable, f---ing unacceptable.”

Borland responded on Black Light Burns’ MySpace page (, admitting, “After years and years of dealing with each other, it seems that Fred and I still have not figured out how to keep it positive. I’m to blame, he’s to blame. It sucks. We never talk. So, it’s hard to ever know what’s really going on.” He added, “I still have zero plans to work with [Limp Bizkit] in the future, but anything is possible.”

Meanwhile, Durst said he is at work on “The Unquestionable Truth Pt. 2,” which will include songs “produced with Wes on guitar as well as songs that do not have Wes on guitar. It will be a full-length album and not an EP. It will be on the more aggressive side of nature and appeal to those who feed off of the heavier side of Limp Bizkit.”

Durst also promised a tour in support of the album but gave no timetable or details on who might replace Borland moving forward. “I can sleep at night knowing that I have and will never sell out and make music or do my vocals for any reason other than my soul needing to express itself through my art,” he said.