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LiLo thinks she shouldn't have to pay for new lawyer

“Lindsay wants her new attorney to represent her for free,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “Lindsay doesn't think she should pay for a new lawyer, period.”
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Without a last-minute appeal, jail time is just days away for actress Lindsay Lohan — a prospect she’s said to be desperate to avoid. That’s why the 24-year-old is currently searching for the best lawyer money can’t buy.

Mounting legal fees and declining job offers have allegedly left Lohan unable to pay for a new legal eagle, but that hasn’t stopped her search.

“Lindsay wants her new attorney to represent her for free,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “Lindsay doesn't think she should pay for a new lawyer, period. Lindsay has gone through two attorneys already.”

While pro bono counsel might prove the third time’s the charm, Lohan’s had no luck yet.

“The type of lawyers Lindsay is used to having are expensive because they are simply the best at what they do,” the source said. “Lindsay just doesn't have the money that she used to pay for the best.”

Or even the worst, what with that $0 budget.

Kate Gosselin considers herself ‘very easy to get along with’ There could be a love connection in Kate Gosselin’s future. Although there’s no mystery man to report on just yet, an insider insists the reality-TV mom believes she has what it takes to find the man of her dreams any day now.

“Kate's confidence is amazing,” a source explained to Pop Eater. “She thinks she is a fantastic catch. Not only does she think she has never looked better, Kate also now has a ton of money. As far as she's concerned, there is nothing not to like. She's beautiful, rich and thinks of herself as very easy to get along with.”

As for that last point, Gosselin, as well as any prospective suitors, might want to take a peek at “Jon and Kate Plus 8” seasons one through four.

‘Housewives’ Bensimon doesn’t mind her ‘crazy’ reputation Call Kelly Bensimon crazy — she doesn’t care. Well, the “Real Housewives of New York City” star cared a little when her castmates oh-so-tactfully hinted as much. But now that her off-the-wall behavior has made her famous, it’s no big deal.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Bensimon told Harper’s Bazaar. “I’m glad I went on ‘Housewives’ because the show has made me more known. You say ‘crazy Kelly,’ that search engine’s going to go bananas, but if you say ‘sweet Kelly,’ it’s going to go nowhere.”

Not that she’s admitting to any actual bonkers behavior or anything.

“I am not crazy. I am unpredictable,” Bensimon assured.

Dish on the fly After being accused of delivering a low-blow one-liner about embattled actress Lindsay Lohan, Joan Rivers came to her own defense. “The jokes, my God, were so minor,” Rivers told “The Insider.” “One was: She is not used to being in front of the bar; she is used to being under the bar. Silly little jokes that I put in my Twitter all the time.” But silly or not, the swipes angered LiLo’s off-again on-again gal pal Samantha Ronson, who slammed Rivers in revenge. The veteran comedian shot back, “I suggest that this skanky little girl not worry about the jokes; worry about Lindsay.” … Now that MTV’s “The Hills” has finally come to an end, Stephanie Pratt can also end her big act. Pratt insists most of what happened on the hit show was based on reality — just not her own flighty persona. As an example of her charade, Pratt recalled an unaired “Hills” exchange about lacrosse in an interview with Fancast. “I’m asking them all these really stupid questions about lacrosse,” she said. “ ‘Is it like football?’ I see this girl looking at this guy to say, ‘Are you listening to this girl?’ I looked over like, ‘I’m just pretending to be dumb. I know all about lacrosse.’ We just started laughing. I think it’s been really fun to play dumb.”

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