Lifetime releases first cast photo of 'The Unauthorized Full House Story'

/ Source: TODAY

It seems the "Full House" cast has been everywhere you look, with buzz building for Netflix's upcoming reboot of the sitcom. But as fans await the Tanners' return to the small screen, Lifetime will be offering a behind-the-scenes look at the show's stars in "The Unauthorized Full House Story."

Premiering August 22, the movie promises to cover "the rise of the cast of one of America’s most beloved family sitcoms and the pressures they faced in balancing their television personas with their real lives," according to a press release.

And now, Lifetime has released the first photo of the actors who'll be playing the "Full House" cast, who include Justin Gaston ("Days of Our Lives") as John Stamos, Stephanie Bennett ("Big Eyes") as Lori Loughlin, and Justin Mader ("Death Race") as Dave Coulier.

Scott Schafer / Lifetime

Though their resemblance to the original series' stars is questionable, their sartorial effort to channel the '80s includes plenty of scrunchies, neon and a colorful shirt that would make Uncle Joey proud.

Coulier already weighed in on the image via Twitter, calling it "hysterical."

Scott Schafer / Lifetime

Lifetime previously explored the lives of the "Saved by the Bell" cast in another tell-all TV movie that aired last September.