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Life Unexpected Boss: "It's Not Dead Yet"

Life Unexpected show runner Liz Tigelaar has a message for fans worried about today's "cancellation" news: "Not being picked up is different than being canceled."
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Life Unexpected show runner Liz Tigelaar has a message for fans worried about today's "cancellation" news : "Not being picked up is different than being canceled."

Boo-yah! But just in case this season does end in a series finale, Liz is spilling her plans to us on how she'll wrap up the series. And we've also checked in with LUX star (and our special blogger ) Kristoffer Polaha...

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We were so sad to hear about the CW not ordering Life Unexpected's back nine episodes. How are you and the cast feeling today?Liz Tigelaar: We really, really wanted to do a back nine. We were working on [those episodes], so we're disappointed because we all just want to keep doing the show. More than anything, you always know when you're on a show that eventually it's going to end; we just feel a little cut short because we feel like we're just getting started in a lot of ways.

Did the news come as a shock to you?We really all saw this as a long run, in a hopeful way. Obviously, we knew this was a possibility. But we all just feel so grateful that people are watching it. You hope people will care, so it's nice to hear that our fans do. The support has been amazing, and it's nice to see that people are invested in these characters like we are. We really are such a family.

Is there still any hope that the CW will pick up Life Unexpected for a third season in May, when they announce their 2011-12 lineup?We're still hopeful--despite being preempted in Los Angeles last night, our ratings were actually great for us, and what the CW has been OK with. The CW assured me yesterday that not being picked up is different than being canceled, so we're holding on to that and operating under that.

If episode 13 really is the end of LUX, how are you going to wrap everything up?We always knew where the series would end, and we also know that there's a big pull to have Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Baze together. But at the same time, getting the news yesterday, we've already started prepping episode 13. Each season has had an arc to it--like the first season starting with a proposal and ending with a wedding--and this season will have an arc to it as well. The stories that we started in the premiere will resolve in episode 13. Sure, we won't be able to do the ending we would have [originally] planned, but I definitely believe we'll be able to do an ending that makes people feel really satisfied, and feels like an ending. Who knows, if for some miracle the show gets picked up, we'll continue from there.

Does that mean there's no possibility of Cate and Baze being together in the end?We're figuring it out. It's a balance between not wanting to do something that's not organic to the character's journey in the episodes we've seen, but wanting to give fans the satisfaction of what the series has promised. And I'm confident that we're going to be able to do it. This season we really wanted to lay the groundwork for a friendship between Cate and Baze, and then if down the road they get together, you understand why. It's not just based on the past; it's based on the present love and respect for each other. Season two has been all about earning their friendship, and really seeing them parent Lux together. And we're going to make it a beautiful ending.

And what if a miracle happens and Life Unexpected is picked up? What happens then?Anything can happen. I'm not over the show, it's not dead yet. It's just so surreal to all of us. But I was saying to the cast yesterday that I'd rather do 26 episodes that we're proud of than 100 that start to slip. I want [episode 13] to have the last episode feel, so if we do come back, we would dive in in a whole new way. Which is terrifying, but it's an exciting thought. And either way, it will be good. We roll with it; we're up for anything and just want to keep going. Most of all, we want to make it satisfying. With every story that ends, it leads to potential new stories, so it doesn't mean that LUX can't go on.

Any final words of encouragement to all of your LUX fans out there?We have 13 episodes this season, and I want to make them beautiful and satisfying and as representative of the show as possible. We're only in episode seven, so we still have a quarter of what's been the life of the series to air, and it just keeps getting better and better. I'm really excited that all 13 will air. For those who watched this season and for those who watched last, you'll feel good about what you watch.


Your favorite guest blogger also wants to pass along a message to all you LUX fans, so here's Kris Polaha with some sweet sentiments:

"The saddest thing is losing the opportunity to play these characters with each other. We really like each other up here, no drug addicts or home wreckers or assholes, just actors trying to tell a really great story. It is sad to have a premature ending to this story. But to the fans, thank you for all the support and please stay tuned! We filmed 13 amazing episodes which will still be airing through January."

Remember, LUX isn't over yet, so keep tuning in to the CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

And be sure to speak your minds in the comments below. You never know what may happen if you do!

MORE: Kris Polaha blogs about LUX for us!