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Letterman laughs off drunken vandal

The man who vandalized the lobby of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Sunday may have caused some major property damage, but he also inspired big laughs at the historic venue.

On Monday night, David Letterman opened his show with a series of jokes about what he dubbed, “the crime of the century.”

“This is the ‘Late Show.’ It’s not just a talk show, ladies and gentlemen. It’s an active crime scene,” he deadpanned.

Soon the jabs tied into some of Letterman’s favorite punch line personalities.  

“A guy breaks into the Ed Sullivan Theater — right here, a guy breaks in,” Letterman said. “I'm told now that Jay (Leno) has an alibi. I don’t know. … But the kid who busted in turns out to be a drunk. He was drunk and also an out-of-work actor. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie… C’mon! Get a hold of yourself.

That wasn’t all the late night host had to say about it. He later shared "the actual crime scene footage," starring Paul Shaffer, and then delivered the highlight of the night, “The Top 10 Excuses of the Guy Who Broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater.”

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