Lester Holt plays bass with The Roots, makes 'Tonight' viewers (and our anchors) swoon

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Smooth moves, Lester Holt!

The TODAY and Nightly News weekend anchor jammed on bass with The Roots on Wednesday's "Tonight Show." 

His tune? None other than a remixed version of the Nightly News theme. 

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And he made Jimmy Fallon's audience swoon: 







Lester plays his bass whenever he gets the chance. He's performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, famous honky-tonk bars — and sometimes even rocking out in his office. "It’s kind of my stress reliever," Lester told TODAY.com.

Lester blogged about his experience playing with The Roots, revealing that he was nervous, didn't know what they'd be playing two hours before taping and that he'd never taken a bass lesson before. Yes, the man is so smooth we had no clue he hasn't been playing his whole life. 

"I am grateful to The Roots and Jimmy Fallon for helping to fulfill my dream," Lester wrote, "and will now happily return to my other dream job in the newsroom."

The anchors were impressed with his "Tonight" jam sesh. "He's already like one of the coolest guys who works here, but this just takes it to a whole another level," Savannah said. "Can we have your autograph?!"

Natalie joked, “He’s not going to talk to any of us now.” 

Lester shared his response with TODAY.com.

"Of course I'll talk to you guys! Still the same old Lester although I am following up on Jimmy's advice to change the name of Dateline to Bassline NBC."