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Leno goes back to Jackson jokes

‘I had to follow the chimp’ the ‘Tonight Show’ host quips
/ Source: The Associated Press

Hours after testifying as a defense witness in Michael Jackson’s molestation trial, Jay Leno was again mocking the pop star on the “Tonight Show.”

“OK, you know the worst part about testifying, I had to follow the chimp. The witness chair was a mess,” Leno told the audience during taping of his monologue.

“No, actually, there was one kinda embarrassing moment. When I took the stand they asked me to point out the defendant and I pointed out LaToya,” he said, referring to one of Jackson’s sisters.

Leno had started his day up the coast in Santa Maria, where Jackson is on trial on charges of molesting a boy, giving him alcohol and conspiring to hold the boy’s family captive.

Leno testified that he became suspicious of effusive and seemingly scripted phone messages he received from Jackson’s future accuser in 2000. His testimony took less than an hour and in the afternoon he was back on stage at NBC’s studios in Burbank.

Leno showed the audience mock footage of his day in court, including a scene in which young male witnesses were sipping on drinks in martini glasses. Another scene showed Leno high-fiving jurors as he walked into the courtroom while the judge screamed “Order!”

He joked about rumors of Jackson wanting to leave the country, perhaps for Africa, if acquitted.

“He wants to disappear in Africa. Africa. He has a better chance of disappearing in Sweden,” Leno said.

“Well, after, what, 12 weeks of trial, Michael Jackson’s attorneys — they have finally admitted that Michael slept with children but it was about love, not sex. It just goes to prove that line works for all guys,” Leno said.

Jackson, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, said in a TV documentary that he let children sleep in his bed but that it was innocent and non-sexual.

On Monday’s “Tonight Show,” Leno joked about his role as a witness.

“I was called by the defense,” he said. “Apparently they’ve never seen this program.”