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Leno fakes saucy text to Hoda from TODAY coworker

Apparently, everybody in the country knew that Hoda got a new cell phone number except for one person: her mother.

On Monday, Hoda said her mom only had one question for her when she visited her in Delaware over the weekend: “Hoda, why didn’t you call me back?”

Well, we all know why!

Last Thursday, Hoda accidentally revealed her cell number on air while demonstrating a new wristwatch phone. The number flashed on screen for only a second, but that was enough for mischievous viewers to fill her voicemail and clog her phone with more than 4,000 text messages within hours.

Jay Leno even used the incident during his "Tonight Show" monologue. He showed a clip of Hoda flashing her old number on air, but then worked in an image of a supposed text message from a certain TODAY coworker.

“Hi Hoda!” the message started, before flashing to a picture of Al Roker’s head pasted on top of a beefcake in tiny swimming briefs.


The snippet gave the Fourth Hour ladies a good chuckle.

“Oh that Al,” Kathie Lee said. “Did you let Al know your new phone number?

“Al’s always got my phone number,” Hoda said with a sly smile.