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Lemurs go wild for Kathie Lee and Hoda on Labor Day

It wouldn’t have been a Labor Day edition of KLG and Hoda without a little discussion of, well, labor. In this case, the labor of giving birth.

On Monday’s Call of the Wild segment, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassador Julie Scardina talked about the complex efforts animals go through to give birth and raise their young.

And if the scene on set was any indication—complete with baby animals crawling all over Kathie Lee and Hoda—it’s certainly not an easy task!

But the chaos calmed down when it came to feeding time. Hoda had a tender moment with a baby flamingo, which she fed through a syringe. Julie explained that flamingos are interesting because both mother and father feed their young this same way, by creating a secretion known as “milk.”

Though their stint playing parents to animals was brief, both Kathie Lee and Hoda seemed to acknowledge how challenging being a mom is—to animals or humans, for that matter. 

In fact, Kathie Lee even closed the show by saying, “Happy Labor Day to all you mothers.”