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Leighton Meester's Mom Says She "Sacrificed Her Happiness," Wants Some Cash

Talk about ripped from the pages of a Gossip Girl script!
/ Source: E!online

Talk about ripped from the pages of a Gossip Girl script!

Leighton Meester has sued her somewhat infamous mother, Constance Meester, for claiming she got her hands on money that Leighton set aside for her sick brother and using it instead for Botox and hair extensions.

And now, Constance is suing her daughter right back, claiming that she "sacrificed her happiness" to further Leighton's career and that the CW star has breached a contract by leaving her high and dry.

OMFG, right?

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Constance claims that she and her other kids "sacrificed" their happiness to move to New York and then Los Angeles for Leighton's career, and that the amount she shelled out over the years for private school and acting classes totaled more than $230,000.

Constance's suit states that there was a legal deal in place to get $10,000 a month from Leighton, and that she has been, per the Welfare and Institutions Code, a "dependant adult" due to medical issues and is eligible for parental support.

Her daughter's payments, she says, were late or nonexistent, and Constance's home fell into foreclosure and she lost her health insurance this month.

Leighton has tried to turn her brother Alexander against their mom and has threatened to stop paying support payments if he didn't move away from Constance, the suit alleges.

She also accuses Leighton of being the one who called social services on her by making up false claims that she was abusing Alexander's head wound and otherwise mistreating him. After interviewing Constance, the suit says, investigators apologized for the inconvenience and went on their way.

Constance she didn't want to sue her daughter, but that Leighton simply refuses to pay her the money she's owed.

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In a suit filed Friday, Meester states that she sent approximately $7,500 a month to Constance, who she says refuses to work, to go toward medical treatment for her younger brother Alexander, who underwent brain surgery in May.

But Meester's lawsuit claims that Constance used a chunk of that money for plastic surgery on her face and stomach, Botox injections, hand fillers and hair extensions. Moreover, the suit charges that Constance is battling drug and alcohol abuse and has been taking Alexander's prescription painkillers.

Meester says that she's still happy to provide for her brother's medical care and school tuition, but since then Constance has "concocted a ridiculous claim" that her daughter once promised her $10,000 a month for life.

The actress, who is seeking a court declaration that there was never any such agreement, calls the notion "absurd," saying whatever money she sent was done so "voluntarily and gratuitiously." She also claims that Constance threatened to sue her if she didn't give her mother $3 million.

It doesn't sound as if there will be any kissing and making up for these two any time soon.