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Leggo our Ryan Eggold! 'Blacklist' star charms us all — even Wrangler

Ryan Eggold is the perfect TODAY guest: He's game for anything, an accomplished actor and totally gnaw-worthy (at least according to TODAY's own dog, Wrangler, who did just that). 

The "Blacklist" star visited on Tuesday to chat about his upcoming return on the hit NBC series, tease his appearance on the new History miniseries, "Sons of Liberty," and watch while Hoda Kotb and guest host Billy Bush were doused in syrup. What more could you ask for?


How about a few highlights?

'Blacklist' returns!
The show comes back after a short break to follow the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, but Eggold can't reveal much. "There are going to be enormous explosions," he said. Then he 'fessed up as to who he'll root for during the game: the Seattle Seahawks. "I've got a little pool going with my friends for Seattle," he said.

He once made out with Jessica Chastain!
"In [2014's] 'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby' — fantastic movie — I had one scene and I was blessed with making out with her. In that one scene I got very lucky."

Dog treat
Turns out, our Wrangler (who is in training to be a guide dog) just loves how he tastes!


"Sons of Liberty" airs on Sunday, Jan. 25 on History; "The Blacklist" will return to NBC on Feb 1.

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