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'Legally Blonde 3?' Reese Witherspoon reveals where Elle Woods would be today

During a visit to "The Late Late Show with James Corden," the actress said she'd be up for a new installment of the film franchise.
/ Source: TODAY

Could there be a "Legally Blonde 3" in our future?

If Reese Witherspoon and James Corden have anything to say about it, the answer is "yes"!

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Witherspoon, who starred in the first two installments of the franchise in 2001 and 2003, would be happy to return to the role of Elle Woods, the laid-back fashion student who shifts her goals to law school and Harvard. She sat down with Corden and "Scandal" star Tony Goldwyn Wednesday and expressed great enthusiasm for returning to the series.

Who wouldn't love to see Reese Witherspoon playing Elle Woods again?AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

"I think it would be kind of cool to see her, 15 years later," she said. "Like, what's she doing now? ... But I need a good idea. "

That opened things up to wild speculation. Goldwyn wondered if Elle might have a "Kellyanne Conway-type thing going on....and maybe she's the leaker in the White House?"

"That sounds like a documentary," countered Corden, who suggested Elle might be the first female POTUS by now.

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"She could," nodded Witherspoon. "She could be a Supreme Court justice or she could be like a really great, powerful attorney or she could be in prison. She could be anything!"

We can't wait to watch!

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