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Is LeAnn Rimes Trying to Ruin Mother's Day for Eddie Cibrian's Ex?

LeAnn Rimes has an interesting set of criteria as to who gets to be honored on Mother's Day this Sunday and it's not just moms.
/ Source: E!online

LeAnn Rimes has an interesting set of criteria as to who gets to be honored on Mother's Day this Sunday and it's not just moms.

Despite having no kids of her own, the newlywed country star couldn't resist taking to Twitter to suggest she deserves a share of the spotlight as a "bonus mom" helping care for the two sons new hubby Eddie Cibrian had with his ex, Brandi Glanville.

And with word that Eddie is threatening to sue to keep those same kids away from Brandi's new TV gig on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we're beginning to think that the so-called truce is kaput...

"Happy Mother's day weekend to all the Mom's out there.," LeAnn tweeted, paying tribute to the "Bonus Moms', Godmother's, Grandmothers and anyone who is a woman who helps love and raise children."

The 28-year-old singer-actress is currently in Ontario, Canada, where she's due to start filming her latest TV movie, Reel Love, on Monday.

Rimes' comments come at the same time a source tells E! News that Cibrian has promised to take legal action against Glanville if she proceeds with plans to have their children, 7-year-old Mason and 4-year-old Jake, appear on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville just joined the cast for the upcoming season.

"He has been sending her threatening emails about having their children appear on television," says the insider. "If anyone uses the children for press it's Eddie. He just put out a big picture of himself, LeAnn, and the kids from their wedding."

There was no immediate comment from Cibrian.

Meanwhile, the Glanville source insists the children's participation has not yet been an issue.

"She's been shooting scenes for the show for weeks now, and none of them include the kids," says the source.

But, our source adds, Glanville believes Housewives has never made the women's children a major focus anyway and doesn't think Cibrian should have a problem with their brood popping up briefly here and there. "If there is a birthday party or something going on involving children, she's going to take them...They can be shot in the background from afar away like all the other kids are in the show. It's not a big deal."

The source continues: "[Eddie and LeAnn] are just jealous. [LeAnn]'s pissed because Brandi's going to get attention, and he wants to do anything in his power to make it difficult for her."

Them's fighting words. Too bad for the kids.

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