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LeAnn Rimes Is No Angelina Jolie

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: Sorry, but things do not bode well for your upcoming marriage...
/ Source: E!online

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: Sorry, but things do not bode well for your upcoming marriage...

Signs are everywhere that this is not looking to be a storybook union. Take, for example, the scoop last week that you all were so damn pissed the two of you couldn't hawk your engagement story for big bucks. (Avaricious much?) Instead of submerging yourself in a bath of pre-wedding delights, LeAnn, you instead have a mud-slinging Twit War.

And elsewhere in tawdry Hollywood happenings, if you read the news (or Blind Vices ), you know that chances are slim you'll find a man in Hollywood who's not a total dog. But then, you already knew that, LeAnn, didn't you?

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Yep, just like Angelina Jolie knew full well, Brad Pitt was a married man when they began their emotional whatever on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Likewise, Eddie was married to a gal named Brandi Glanville--with whom Eddie has two children--when he and Rimes met on the set of the TV movie Northern Lights. (Let's not forget, unlike Angelina, LeAnn herself was married, to Dean Sheremet, when she and Eddie dazzled each other so.)

But that's where any similarity between this infamous foursome ends.

Since their incredibly hot and inauspicious beginning, Brad and Angie have shut the hell up about their affair, which turned into a long-time relationship. Hell, Jennifer Aniston's spoken more about Brad and Angie than anybody else involved with Brangelina ever has--and Jen's barely said two words (something about Brad lacking a "sensitivity chip," wasn't it?).

Angie, like the clever little minx she is, dove into making a family, devoting herself to high-profile charity work and looking impossibly gorgeous and inaccessible on movie sets. Who has time to question her motives for becoming involved with a married man with that kind of track record going on?

Meanwhile, LeAnn bitch slaps E! with insults and fake-y joke claims she's pregnant, and tells Shape how much working out with Eddie while they were having their affair helped her through things and gave her some "sanity."

All this instead of joyfully planning her wedding, it would seem. Does not look at all like a promising beginning, sorry.

At least Brangie has reportedly said they're not even considering getting hitched until gay marriage is legal.

And, that, LeAnn (and Eddie) is how to turn a questionable beginning into to a big fat matrimonial win!

Take note.

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