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LeAnn Rimes: Knife-wielding bully tried to kill me in 6th grade

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes has come under a lot of fire from those who object to her romantic past, but it's nothing compared to how she was nearly murdered when she was just a Texas grade schooler.

"A lot of girls can get very mean (in the) sixth grade year," she told Entertainment Tonight at an anti-bullying event. "I used to perform around Dallas and Texas, where I lived, a lot. My principal would put something up on the bulletin board if I was in the newspaper or something, and these girls ... there was a little clique of girls that did not like it. So I had my locker egged, I had a girl bring a knife to school the last day of sixth grade -- tried to kill me! Awesome."

Rimes also said that she felt tabloid treatment of Kim Kardashian's appearance during her pregnancy was a form of bullying. "To watch a pregnant woman's weight and to say someone's fat and 'Oh my God, I can't believe she's eating an ice cream cone,' it's absolutely ridiculous," Rimes said. "It's really gone way too far."

Rimes was cagey about rumors that she and husband Eddie Cibrian will have their own reality show. "Maybe ... I can't talk about anything yet" she hedged. "People think I serve coffee in a bikini, I might as well start doing in on TV."

But if it happens, she says the couple won't be letting it all hang out, and Cibrian's two sons with Brandi Glanville would not be shown. The couple would want a great deal of control over what is aired, she said. "To pick and choose things we want to share would be the ultimate thing to do," she told ET.