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Lea Michele warms our nostalgic hearts with throwback 'Glee' cast photo

For at least some of us, 2009 seems like it happened just yesterday. For others, like Lea Michele, it's a lifetime ago.
/ Source: TODAY

On one level, it's hard to fathom that it's been seven years since "Glee" first warmed our hearts (and got us cheering) with their premiere show.

But for then-stars-in-the-making like Lea Michele, it's a whole lifetime of memories ago.

She reminded us of this on Thursday by posting to Instagram an amazing first-season black-and-white photo of the "Glee" cast, taken just a few days before the groundbreaking show's premiere. It's since been liked over 115,000 times.

And while it brings out all of the nostalgic feels we can muster, there's also a sense of sadness in that the tallest member of the group, the broadly smiling Cory Monteith (who was also Michele's love) is no longer with us.

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Actress Lea Michele
Lea Michele in May.Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Seven years: a short span of time, but longer than you might imagine.

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